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by | Nov 15, 2000 | Archives

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Dear International Friend,

Do you think you have privacy problems? Wait till you read this text!

This message sent to our webmaster shows how important sharing what we learn with others around the world can be. The message also shows how easy it is for you to use our site to help you get in touch with business and investing contacts around the globe.

“Dear David:

One of my friends says to tell you this. His family is ethnic Chinese Indonesian.

World news will show that they have been the main targets of the riots in Indonesia for several years. They are relatively prosperous. Not by our standards but by theirs.

He estimates his entire extended family could raise $80,000 US maximum but holding investments outside the country requires unattainable permissions.

Not holding something outside means death if the riots begin again in earnest. They learn your sites' material from a summary translation through a relative in another country. The relative outside of Indonesia has already been kidnapped once and survived. The kidnappers thought he held hundreds of millions for a Chinese Indonesian family. He did not but they found who did. 3 family members died before the kidnappers found the real agent who was unknown to my friends.

The lack of financial privacy for these Chinese and others among my friends has been deadly.”

If we can help people in such plight, even in some small way, what a gift!

Do you have problems or international questions? Send them to me and we'll get them passed onto others just like yourself all over the world.

Until next message November 17, good global investing!