First Lesson – A Free Course On Real Wealth

by | Nov 6, 2000 | Archives

Last month during a glorious leaf change Merri and I hosted a “Inspired Investing” course here at Merrily Farms. We hosted delegates from Argentina, Australia, Madagascar, Belgium, Canada, Ecuador and across the U.S. Over the days ahead I'll be sending you the main points that delegates learned at that course.

To begin let me put what they gained into perspective by sharing what one delegate from California said.


"Dear Gary and Merri,
I want to thank you for the wonderful time at the farm. I travelled
from California to North Carolina to hear you convey your knowledge in the
way you do so well,and I wasn't disappointed. The amount of information in
the sessions was almost overwhelming, but it's exactly what I went to hear.When I try to engage intelligent, educated people on these subjects here at
home, I usually get a blank look or "That's interesting, but why are you
thinking about that?".The setting at the farm felt like we were all sitting in the den after dinner
discussing things among friends. The relaxed atmosphere seemed to encourage
people to participate, asking pointed questions and relating personal experiences.The international flavor and attitude of the group was very stimulating, particularly
when we split up into discussion groups. Those groups, taking walks together, eating
healthy food outside in the fresh air, rooming together, allowed us to get to know
each other on a personal level. And as if that wasn't enough, crystal spring water,
brisk clean air, the great blue heron flying over the meadow all were in a setting of
hills covered by forests with Fall colors. Just the drive from the airport was like
a travelogue you'd see on TV.What I'm trying to say is that's the most fun I've had for four days straight in a long time!Thanks again.Yours truly,

These comments exemplify the first lesson of the course. this lesson is:


But before we can really know what will be fun in investing and business, we have to know something else first.

This is why in a recent message to you I pointed out that the first study session of our course related to my past thirty-two years of global investing and how I had stumbled across seven golden opportunities. These seven golden opportunities were:

  1. Hong Kong shares in the late 60s
  2. London real estate in the early 70s.
  3. Isle of Man real estate in the late 70s
  4. Turkey and Vienna shares in the mid 80s
  5. Naples Florida real estate in the mid 80s
  6. Yen-U.S. dollar parity and interest distortions in the early 90s
  7. Ecuador shares and real estate in the mid 90s

I pointed out that I made excellent money on opportunities two, four, six and seven and asked why I only cashed in one four of the seven? The answer is that it took me thirty years to realize that I was always nervous investing in shares (even when I made profit), but loved to invest in real estate. I made money in property deals without even trying, while my stock investing, even when profitable, was always an uphill struggle (with myself).

This brings us to the point of the lesson: TO KNOW WHAT WEALTH BUILDING PROCESS WE'LL ENJOY WE NEED TO FIRST KNOW OURSELVES. This is not what our stockbroker, mother, father, brother, teacher, attorney, accountant, banker, Madison Avenue Ad executive or anyone else says we should be. We need to really be truthful to good old numero uno.

Next lesson we'll look at an incredible study which really can help us understand ourselves. Are you an early adapter, middle majority or a laggard. You should know and the next lesson will help you do so. This knowing can help direct your business and how you invest!

Then lesson three will review the power of context and why this caused me to miss real estate profits in the Isle of Man opportunity, but cashed in on Ecuador shares.

Until then, good global business and investing.