Ecuador – Thai Connection

by | Oct 25, 2000 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

I continue to receive concerns from readers who have read negative news about Ecuador, such as the query below.

“Mr. Scott,

Email I have read implies that the Plan Colombia fallout is already spilling over into Ecuador. My wife and I liked to attend Carnival in Trinidad each year until they imported America's drug war. Now it isn't safe there and we go elsewhere.

M. A. Parkton, Maryland

My reply below shares my thinking about this risk.

“Dear Friend,

Ecuador appears to have features more similar to Thailand and Vietnam than Laos or Cambodia. Complications caused by the battle north, yes. Disaster, no. As I do not trust what I read too much, I continually survey my many friends who are living and doing business in Ecuador. You can see the comments of many Ecuadorian businessmen at our site. They are quite positive, such as the reply from a Canadian Doctor who is building a house and moving there. His message below arrived the same day as your note.”

“Dear Gary & Merri,

Just to give you an example of how people in Ecuador are…………

I left my wife at the airport here (Toronto) @ 11a.m. Her Miami flight was cancelled so she missed her connection. Instead of arriving Quito 10.15 p.m. last night, she arrived there (via Costa Rica) @ 2.30 p.m. today. Without her luggage which is still in San Jose.

An Ecuadorian friend met her, & took her straight to see the farm before dropping her off at the Alameda. (“He's a sweetheart”!). She is blown away at how beautiful our farmhouse looks. Our farm is doing well; gardens are being cultivated, our seeds are growing (including echinacaea!), cows are calving, sheep are lambing, our first big potato crop ready by December. (And yes, our farm workers are breeding too!). All is well. While she is meeting with our lawyer & architect tomorrow morning, our friend will be chasing her missing luggage. He has a friend in American who can get her a later flight back – which I could not.

Tonight at the hotel she met a German entrepreneur who says Europe is pouring money into S.America. He thinks Ecuador will turn around in the next 6 – 9 months.

I hope he's right. And I think he is…

J.C. Toronto Ontario”

Our upcoming trip to Ecuador is sold out so we are planning an extra tour there for late February 2001. I hope to see you there. until then, good investing!