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by | Oct 17, 2000 | Archives

We have just finished the first three days of our Inspired investing course here at the farm. We had a full house with delegates from Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada and Madagascar as well as the U.S., but limited the size to an intimate group, much smaller than our hotel based courses, so we can get into far greater detail.

We found incredible learning experiences in our case study discussion groups so I want to share with you the first case study and use this study to kick off the real estate section in our internet discussion forum.

This study reviews seven golden opportunities I have stumbled across in my thirty plus years of international investing.

  1. Hong Kong shares in the late 60s
  2. London real estate in the early 70s.
  3. Isle of Man real estate in the late 70s
  4. Turkey and Vienna shares in the mid 80s
  5. Naples Florida real estate in the mid 80s
  6. Yen-U.S. dollar parity and interest distortions in the early 90s
  7. Ecuador shares and real estate in the mid 90s

I made excellent money on opportunities two, four, six and seven yet these were all opportunities I talked and wrote about extensively at their respective times.

The three questions I asked our group here were: #1: What trend or trends can we spot in this study? #2: Why did I only cash in one four of the seven? #3: What can this mean for our future and future investing?

The answers we gained may surprise you, but for now I'm not going to tell. Instead I challenge you with the same questions so we can share our thinking together.

The answers I promise may change the entire way you invest. So send your thoughts to and enjoy the ongoing dialogue that ensues.

One other thought. One feature I have noted beyond the learning is that delegates have enjoyed was the peace and quiet here at the farm. Each day every delegate came in looking more refreshed, relaxed and better. It is amazing what pure water, clean air, good food and total tranquility can do for the body and soul. Join us for a little of this at the farm. For more details go to (go to the section where our rates are described for staying at the farm)

Until then, good investing!