Help save the rain forests and a nearly extinct tribe

by | Oct 14, 2000 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

I have a great opportunity for you that if taken can also do enormous good. Let me add that I am not involved in this in any financial way. I won't make a penny from this whether you take advantage of the opportunity or not. The information is shared because I believe in it and see that it may be something special for you and may save an entire tribe.

The opportunity is to enjoy one of the most incredible jungle experiences before it catches on and becomes popular. What makes this even more special is I share here how as a reader of my newsletter here you can enjoy this experience FREE! The good is that you may help save an Amazonian tribe from extinction.

Here is what has happened and why the opportunity exists. Ecuador has offered several excellent tours into the Amazon jungle, but each has suffered one slight problem. There is no decent town in the region where visitors can stay overnight. This has forced jungle travellers to start their journey in Quito which means the first day's trip is really long and the penetration into the wild is short.

Now this has changed because while in the process of conducting our International Living real estate tours in Ecuador (the November tour is filled but the next tour in May 2001 has space) we learned from our tour guide Santiago Guamini of an obscure new camp deeper in the jungle that also operates a small bed and breakfast on the jungle edges that Rain Forest trekkers can use.This new interesting facility is available because Santiago's mother is an Amazonian native from a tribe that has a crisis. This allowed Guamini to create this program and add an ecological touch. Permission is not normally granted by the Ecuadorian government to build reserves deep in the Amazon Basin. There are many restrictions to stop pollution and building in this area. Santiago gained his go-ahead to help one of the smallest remaining groups of natives whose lives are very tenuous (only 23 are still alive.) This is a restricted ecological camp that offers almost unheard of opportunities such as swimming with rare Pink Dolphins and Piranha (yes they do and yes it is safe) . This is a true, primitive deep Amazonian experience which helps save this Rain Forest and creates a true exchange between the natives and the West.

The camp is called “Selva Rica Cuyabeno Camp and offers a comfortable facility with a walled garden where guests enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from the region. This is the first, safe haven at the fringes before entering the deep jungle. This stay is an wonderful event in itself as lessons on native cures such as Dragon's Blood (curative for gall bladder and liver) and green mineralized clay for skin disorders and beauty purposes are provided. Then next day you travel into the remote area of the camp where you can stay in the Hotel Orellana or Cabanas Yuturi

The main camp is located close to the Cuyabeno Lagoon and is surounded by primary forest with facilities of a lodge and ecological camp that provides education on community participation and recycling. The native guides are bilingual, the food indigenous and delicious.

Tours are available from four to seven days. The next scheduled tour is an extension of our November IL real estate tour. Though the real estate tour is filled, the extension still has space. The schedule is:

November 19 Fly from Quito tot the Jungle. November 20-22 Stay in Jungle. November 23 Fly back to Quito.

Prices for this tour are so low ($762 to stay in the hotel or $448 to stay in the Cabanas) that it is almost free. However we have made an arrangement with Santiago so that those willing to work and who want a longer stay can visit the center for a minimum of two weeks as an intern FREE. The only cost for interns is their air fare and entrance fees to the national parks.

You can sign up for the extension or book tours through Agora travel. email: Tel: 1-561-243-6276 or 1-800-926-6575 Fax: 1-561-278-8765

I hope you enjoy this opportunity. I know the tribe will. Good investing!