Brazilian With Pride

by | Oct 14, 2000 | Archives

Once again one of our messages has developed some wonderful differences in points of view as you can see from one of our readers message below. Our goal is to help readers learn ways to make, keep and enjoy wealth by giving useful, credible information. The only way we can ensure credibility when we provide information from readers is to assure that there is an open forum. In other words if we pass on information that is incorrect and you know otherwise, let us know and we'll pass this on too.

However (and I believed that I have mentioned this before) we will not tolerate incivility. Any further messages which contain obscene language will be deleted by our webmaster David on the spot. Neither I, nor any reader will hear your view.

So with this page closed. I invite any readers comments and insights. One reader says that Brazil's Congress is passing a law that will destroy rain forests. Another says not. Can anyone else clarify? More important, is their a way we can help this situation and improve our finances as well