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by | Oct 3, 2000 | Archives

We had a really good response regarding the Ritalin article and the contrasting opinion from a Medical Doctor below shows that many have strong feelings on this subject. Here is what he wrote:


This is the stupidest piece of tripe I have yet to see on your website. I am sorry to see you sponsoring such socialist paranoia diatribes. indeed, “you are happy to see lawsuits against drug companies.” Have you lost your mind. That sort of paranoid, conspiracy tripe does nothing to enhance your reputation. In fact, it makes me highly suspicious of your sanity. Perhaps you have been isolated in the Andes too long.

Using your logic, perhaps course participants such as myself should sponsor lawsuits against you for your recommendation of Ecuadorian bank accounts!

If this input is by a reader in an open, let me write a rebuttal and fire back a salvo.

Here is my reply:

Dear International Friend,

I welcome your side of the picture and am happy to share any civil comments you have with readers. This is an incredibly important issue that affects out children's health and out future financial well being and the more we can learn and share about this the better. We cannot be rich is an unhealthy society. The largest government expenditures by far and the hardest to estimate and control are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They accounts for over half of all federal outlay. What these three services cost affect everything we do, the stock market, interest rates, taxes, privacy, asset protection, etc.

I appreciate that you are unhappy having money in an Ecuadorian account which was frozen . But what you received from me was my explanation on what I was doing and a clear explanation of the risks and rewards. As you know my account was frozen as were all accounts (and remains so) in Ecuador. I believe we'll get the money back in three years with interest and the Ecuadorian government has made some positive steps in this direction.

What I send is my honest opinion backed by my own action in this direction.

I see the cola companies (just like tobacco-and film makers) targeting kids. I believe that none of these things (cola-violent movies) are good for kids.

I do not however see any conspiracy as you suggest nor did I suggest such. Each of these concerns have their own agenda which is to make as much money as they can. I am a capitalist, but try to see the long run.

I also despise the reckless use of lawsuits, but they do offer one way fro the public to thwart companies that have a throttle hold on government agencies.

Then we have the drug companies. They are in a class by themselves. We saw last week in an article by USA Today that half of the FDA advisors are on the payroll of the drug companies in one way or another.

On Wednesday, September USA Today published another report entitled “Drug Makers Accused of Price Scheme”. This article states “government investigators have uncovered documents they say show some drug makers deliberately manipulate prices so doctors can overcharge Medicare-and then promote the profit-making strategy to physicians.”

I do believe that while the drug Ritalin perhaps helps some children that there is a dishonest effort to create an illness that does not in most instances exist. I see efforts to over prescribe a drug to young children in their formative years which has no long term history. I know from personal experience that prescription drugs can have an incredibly negative affect on kids and find the government's support of this product a total duplicity (not surprising). On one hand they run a drug war against any use of drugs which have shown to be of medical value (marijuana) and yet promote the over subscription of drugs which have dangerous side affects.

I would think that MDs would be the most outraged by what is going on because it appears to me that two hallowed relationships (parent-child and Doctor-patient) are being seriously infringed. They have invaded the parents rights to decide what type of treatment should be given. They have invaded the right of Doctors to determine what is best for their patients. And whether we like it or not they have invaded our rights to build our financial security. One of the biggest complaints I hear from MDs is government and insurance company interference in their treatment decisions.

So I ask you to look deeply into this matter, beyond what the drug company salesman tells you. . If after that you still disagree, fair enough. I hope we'll agree on other matters and hope that in this exchange of differing views we'll both learn and grow to be better investors.

Good investing!