Perhaps Capitalism’s Greatest Menace?

by | Sep 28, 2000 | Archives

God Bless capitalism, the best social system humanity has lived by yet. Letting every man and woman decide what to produce and consume is natural and effective. Yet our understanding of this system is far from perfect and there are errors. Some capitalistic flaws are downright menacing to our economic well being, our health, our future and even our lives.

Addictive substances are one of capitalism's worst features. They take advantage of humanity's ignorance and weaknesses. I am not talking about illicit drugs either. The western world's drug war is incredibly misplaced because it targets the symptoms of society's problems not the cause. The laws created in the name of fighting illegal drugs have robbed us of privacy, freedom and have distorted our entire national fabric. Yet they will never work unless we get to the root causes that throw our citizens into imbalance in the first place. These imbalances create the demand for the illegal drugs.

The products that help create these imbalances are habit forming substances that are legal and in many instances even considered normal. These are very dangerous products because by producing jobs and economic activity they make our workplace look richer and stronger. The danger is these benefits are short lived. The downside of these products are the huge losses and costs they create in the long term. The long term costs overwhelm the initial benefits. Tobacco and alcohol are two examples we all know. Refined sugar is another example. Capitalists used the Royal families in the Victorian era to lure the populace into this dangerous habit that has stuck with us far too long.

These types of unhealthy products create physical and psychological imbalances that permeate the whole of our society. They cause poor health, loss of vitality, even crime.

Soft drinks and prescription drugs are two other legal, addictive substances that, working hand in hand, are leading our nation towards one of the most dangerous economic trends we face. They are a deadly mix, Cola and Ritalin.

I find it ironic that many schools now accepting huge sums (the Winston Salem school system is accepting ten of millions to make Coke its official drink) promote these downright dangerous drinks to the young and then also accept payments for every student prescribed Ritalin. It is little wonder that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is becoming epidemic. Kids are hyped on sugary, caffeinated soft drinks. Some schools will argue by the way that grade school kids cannot have the colas during the school day, only juice. Of course no mention is made of the vending machine advertising that bombard the kids all day so they drink Coke for breakfast and right after school! The cola companies are not paying these hundreds of millions of dollars just to help education. They are paying to hook the kids. The cola companies have even hired student ambassadors in the schools to further integrate their dangerous products into the children's lives

Then schools are given an economic benefit to call the dietary imbalance these soft drinks create a disease (ADD). This imbalance has become so entrenched in the establishment that several parents have recently been threatened with child neglect lawsuits for refusing to let their children take these drugs.

No one has studied the long term effects of Ritalin and there are strong suggestions that it has very negative long term health consequences. What a shame to force this risk on our kids.

Here is the economic crunch. Our capitalism is not perfect. We have socialized medicine and will pay for any long term negative medical effects of loading up our kids on sugary, caffeinated drinks and drugs! A few capitalistic companies are destroying the bodies of our youth. This is not only a crime and huge breach of our responsibility, but is an economic disaster . These are the kids that have to take care of us when we retire. If their health is ruined the nation will lose its vitality. Thank God some are fighting back. Two law suits have now been filed against the drug companies and schools for creating a disease that does not exist. Let's hope they win because this imbalance in our social system could create havoc for us economically in the years ahead, not to mention the damage it is doing to our kids.

If you want to know more about these risks, my Son Jake and a fellow researcher Sabrina Langlois did a paper for Florida Gulf Coast University on this subject.

This report is available by emailing:

If after reading this report you agree on this risk, please pass this message on to as many of your friends as you can. Contact your Congressional Representative to let him or her know your concern. If you live in a country where Ritalin is not a popular drug, beware. Drug companies would like to see this spread all over the world.

This is a concern we should all share for our kids, our future national health and our wealth. Let's do something about this . Let's get rid of this risk so we have a better chance of having good investing!