The Economic Power in Silence

by | Sep 22, 2000 | Archives

Dear International Friend

This morning is a starry night, the faint glimmerings of dawn coming later. This season's air is spiked more heartily with winter's coming bite. I am conducting an experiment after reading in USA Today about the National Park System's crisis of sound. The crush of visitors, airplanes, helicopters etc has so clogged the soundscape at most National Parks, even in isolated places, that the Park Service is implementing many unpopular sound reducing measures (with little effect).

I had not noticed here on the farm. We sent out son Jacob up to a sacred site on the land, (we call it the grandfathers) surrounded by ancient hemlock and poplar. He meditated on the sounds for twenty minutes. There was not one human sound. I awoke last night at 11:30 and mediated on the sound for an hour. Such silence, just the cricket songs amidst the gentle rush of the creek. My ears rang with its sweetness. Pure bliss. Then this morning about 5:30 I tried again in the office which is near a state road. The only human sound was the 5:30 am school bus. I thought, “God bless the spirit of America. When everything seems to have gone to heck in the world, the kids are still rising at 5am here to begin their long trek to school. Two generations ago the rose this early and walked. Now they ride, but at least still rise early and in this there is great hope. We may fret over what they are taught at school. We may suffer the agony of children in school with guns, but as long as the sprit of this nation is to rise early and put in a full day's work, we have a chance that these children will lead another great generation.”

From this thought rose an understanding of the importance of silence. Nature is a balance of contradictions. From the poor come the rich. From the inky night comes the brilliant sun. From the silence comes the action. Quiet nights and early mornings. These are what have made this last several generations so productive. (And this is why honoring endings is so important. From the ending comes the beginning).

The upcoming companies and investments are not growing amidst loud banter and glitz. They are being quietly and earnestly built by someone who labors begin early and finsinh late. the are being created by someone whose vision reflects beyond the norm and they will surprise us coming from the silence. Most portfolio managers will miss them because they have focused on the activity that generates the most noise. So focus on the silence. be quiet in this busy world and look for places where there is quiet production instead of business and noise.

Join us for our October 13 to 15 here on the farm where we start each morning with quiet meditation, then get to work before most of the nation is awake. We have one (maybe two as we are building one more cabin and will have it finished if it doesn't rain) more room left for those who want to stay with us here.

Speaking of course start thinking about our upcoming publishing course in Orlando. This will be an incredibly educational experience because Merri and I have combined our talents with David Cross the web master who is responsible for having developed this excellent site for us all. He will teach the web portion and I know he is developing an excellent plan for those who want to be on the net. here is what he wrote to me this morning.


To give extra value to participants of the Feb. publishing course I am starting to contact a number of Internet service companies and software vendors and will make up and print some coupons to add to the course materials so people can get (for example) $100 off their first year's web hosting, etc., etc.,

I will also set up within a special area for course participants with tools to help them setup their own website and register these into the major search engines. Also a discussion area (or they can just email me) if they have any questions or need help with any of the info. in the course.

I am aiming (like the original publishing course which I am just redoing/reviewing) for a very practical hands-on approach , no stone unturned and in simple language with good support and follow-up.



I wish you good investing and many moments of wonderful silence.