Lessons From the Poorest Millionaire

by | Sep 8, 2000 | Archives

Last week I met with a friend here at the farm. He felt he wasfinancially struggling even though I know he will become amillionaire. Finally he felt better when I explained why I am convincedhe will be rich. “You will succeed”, I outlined, “because you followseveral rules of success.”

We walked deep into the woods talking and ended up at a historic site onthe land called the “Indian Trough”. This is a magical springwhere crystal water gushes from huge rocks. The original nativesrecognized the healing qualities of this alkaline water and had carved atrough to collect the flow. Locals call it limestone water and have comefor generations to fill jugs saying it eases rheumatism. Our friend Taita Yatchak says it helps prostate problems as well. Just the way itsparkles speaks of its special nature .

I had brought him to the spring to emphasize the point I wanted toshare. “Look at the water flow”, I told my friend. “This has beenrunning like this for perhaps thousands of years, many gallons every minuteand it never ends. Abundance is this way. It is flowing everywhere andit never ends. You can't run out of wealth because you are always willingto work. “

“In addition,” I explained, “this fluid nature tells us a lot aboutsuccess because the fluid nature of reality means never ending wealthrequires always giving service. “

“Also notice how the water always flows in its channel through thetrough. This shows how service meeds to be given within one's personal andsocial context. In other words winners are not whiners. They don't focuson what they have lost or have to lose. They look what they have and whatthey can gain.”

My fried talked about the problems of bank privacy faces (see bank privacyforum) and we looked at how paying so much attention to privacy and taxavoidance can reduces the flow of wealth. “If one pays too much attentionto keeping rather than expanding one is in a rut (a grave with the endskicked out). Money is a figment of our imagination, a social contractwhich can evaporate quickly through events beyond our control. Ourinstincts and abilities to serve however are permanent. “

We talked about Will Durant's “History of Rome” and remiembered how theproblems of taxation are not new. Over 2,000 years ago the same problemswere faced by businessmen and the wealthy then. As Rome disintegratedfortunes were stolen by the state again and again. Yet those who honedtheir skills were never broke. They could come back again and again. Theydid not give up because they started poor or because they were overtaxed. They rolled with the situation, just as water always takes theeasiest path.

The Indian Trough water is so unique that deep in the woods Merri and Ibuilt a Cedar, Japanese soaking tub, filled by the spring and heated withan underwater wood burning stove. We heated the water up to 106 degreesand had a soak for the final lesson for my friend. “Submerse yourself inthe abundance of this universe. Ways to serve and become incredibly richpresent themselves every single day. Select ones that stirs passionswithin you and serve.

At the end of the soak we felt so refreshed that one of my favorite storiesjumped to mind. It's about one of the world's great publishers who had apersonal goal of paying a million dollars one year in tax. At one year'send when he was told by his accountant that he owed $968,000 dollars in taxhe asked, “Isn't there some way I can pay the extra $32,000 intax?” His accountant replied without missing a beat. “Not unless you cheat”!

This typifies the essence of those who will always have welath. They focuson giving a great service and then focus on what they keep, not what they pay.

By all means we should run our businesses and make our investments in themost tax efficient way. This process should not however be our primarygoal. Action is our duty. reward not our concern. If we act right,wealth will be automatic. We should not let this tax reduction and privacyenhancing process diminish our joy and happiness nor interfere with what wewant and do in life. Get on with it! Do the best you can within thecircumstances destiny has provided. Others have done better with worse!

We will have a special session on Inspired Investing that covers theessence of abundance at my upcoming courses.

Until then, good investing!