Factors of wealth: health

by | Sep 5, 2000 | Archives

I have been asking you all to respond to the comments I am sending you because Metcalf's law says that the value of a network expands exponentially as its size increases. I want to get all of you sharing your knowledge, contacts and experience.

Here are some edited responses from eClub members to my recent comments on wealth.

Reader comment:

I wonder if your readers would be interested in my report, “How to Double Your Energy in 30 Days and Keep it for the Rest of Your Life.” I suspect that my attitudes towards nutrition and exercise and breathing, etc. are similar to yours. There's an ad for the report on my site – www.satori.cc, Charles

Gary's comments: I know Charles, an American who lives in New Zealand. He attended one of our international coach courses two years ago. if he is an example of the results of his book, it should be an interesting read.

Reader comments:

I would agree completely with you that health is the very first base for doing anything. With poor health one is not able to enjoy even simple things of life. As a native from Mediterranean, and from our life experience so far, one should eat everything. Some of our points are:

  • do not exaggerate in quantity or anything: be modest
  • obey certain rules: do not eat late, have a good breakfast, forget sweets, chocolate etc. as a “quickie”, enjoy a glass of wine only after a good meal as a part of dining culture and not as a means of simply drinking
  • prefer quality goods to everything else: we buy products only of natural origin. We buy only fresh products, with exception of frozen fish here and there. – use olive oil
  • enjoy fresh tomatoes
  • drink goat milk and eat cheese of goat milk
  • avoid too much meat, avoid heavy dishes anyway
  • get used to regularity: our body loves it to have breakfast daily, to have lunch at similar time of a day – daily etc.
  • drink enough water: switch from too much coffee to a glass of water instead?


Gary's comments: One way i search for truth is by looking at the teachings of experts from many areas. Then I try for myself subjects on which they agree. most of the points Dean made agree with what i have learned from my nutritional studies of the Incans (taught by my friend Taita Yatchak – see www.littlehorsecreek.com for more about him) and my studies of Indian nutrition (Ayurved). Taita Yatchak especially likes goats milk over cows milk. he feels it is more digestible. The Indian system likes cow's milk but only boiled (also to make it more digestible).

However neither of these systems like tomatoes very much. Tomatoes are in the Deadly Nightshade family (Atropa belladonna) and are too acid for many people, especially who are A-Type personalities. Both sciences go further than say don't eat too much meat – both are strictly vegetarian. Each science is aimed at digestibility and balalncing PH. Meat is acid and hard to digest. Interestingly the Incan diet also avoids water – uses herbal teas instead.

The final comment relates to dean's comments about regularity. A recent study on lengevity found the only common denominator was that long lived people went even beyond regularity. Ritual was the word used. The body is much more efficient if it knows what is coming and can lay down plans and patterns of action. Our bodies love routine and ritual.

Until next message, good investing