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The legend of the Lossen continues as the ancient and wealthy mariner sits on a wooden dock and talks to his apprentice about experiences he has gained at sea.

“My friend,” the old captain said, ” I gave you important lessons for success and am sure that you have used them well. Yet your vessel was lost and you feel your wealth has been drowned in this sinking. This is not so. Money is but the smallest part of wealth. Honor, loyalty, honesty, friendships, knowledge, experience and persistence are assets valued far more than silver and gold.

“You have the education I have given you. Now let me share my experiences, for an education teaches you the rules. Experience shows exceptions to the rules.

“The lessons you learned were the same told to me when I was young and eager to set sail. I felt great confidence from these rules of the sea but shortly after leaving port a great storm swept from the west. Ravished by strong winds and high seas, our vessel ran aground and did not last the night. We could only thank the almighty for our lives. This was all the seas did not take.

“I redoubled my efforts and eventually set sail on my own vessel again. This time I knew which winds to watch from the west and was alert. So focused were these attentions that I failed to see huge waves running from the east. A lashing storm destroyed this vessel as well.

“I gave even greater effort and concentration both east and west, yet my next craft was caught in a great vortex that lay hidden in the south. All that was left were a few hands and the drowning itself.

“Only after these three experiences did I gain success because I accepted the most important lesson of all. No past lesson guarantees our efforts of the day. Trips are never the same. We must always accept and be alert for shifting weather, changing tides and unexpected dangers. There is joy in this diligence and we gain great comfort in the when we learn to rely on the messages that the stars and sea give us.

“Success, wealth, and riches never stand still. Everlasting wealth is not riches but a never ending desire to serve matched by continual diligence to assure that we serve well.

“Never ending wealth is never ending growth gained in the following ways.

“To begin we only have ideas. Ideas are the most powerful sails, but useless without wind. Ideas just themselves have no energy. We must fill these sails with winds of enthusiasm that flow from our heart. We must move forward with caution but without fear to gain knowledge and experience. These experiences become your rudder and provide your course.

“This action is your duty. Reward must not be your concern. All action will lead to reward, but not always as you planned. Accept these currents of life. If you dictate what your reward must be, you close your eyes of possibilities and can gain nothing more than your limited desires. Yet our greatest discoveries come when unexpected tempests push us onto unknown shores.

“Embrace your ideas with action. Set sail and then leave your fate to the currents, stars and wind. Trust your inner guidance as well as your mind. Only in this way will your wealth be everlasting, without worry and concern.

“Finally always remember that every idea, experience and action is a gift from forces beyond our abilities or control. So enjoy the sea breeze and the salt in your face every day. Never take an hour for granted. Then the fruits of your labors will be full.

“Now go my son, back to the sea. Few answers are held in words. The truth lays waiting in the waters and on the breeze. Heed little the words ‘failure’ and ‘success’. Just sail, be aware and always be with the winds, currents and stars. They are wealth.” With these final words, the old master, saluted the young man, turned and gazed upon the sea and then walked slowly back onboard.

The youth by the way, so the legend says, did not have to begin as an apprentice again. The wise master was also a wise judge of character and knew this apprentice would bring success. He backed the youth on his next venture, the worthy vessel, Orion, that sailed and survived its journey to find treasure richer than anyone had brought to port before. The treasure brought the youth and master wealth beyond imagination, something neither of them cared much for as they both continued to live and enjoy their love of life and the sea.

I hope you gain as much from this legend as I have. If so, please share it with eleven more. Have safe and successful sailing in every course of life. Good investing!

Gary A. Scott

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