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Join Us For the Leaf Change On the Farm

NB: These course dates relate to October, 2000

  • Share Gary Scott's Latest Course
  • Meet Taita Yatchak
  • Gain Never-ending Wealth & Health

Dear International Friend,

Dawn has just broken and a group is sitting by the fire listening to the day’s first bird songs mingling in harmony with the creek rushing below. We’re sharing secrets of wealth, how to spot trends, what stocks and currencies will do next, ultimate loopholes for economic freedom, financial privacy, tax deferral and asset protection and most important of all the basic keys to having, keeping and enjoying everlasting wealth.

Picture me coaxing this small, intimate team through discussions and study groups, learning and sharing data gained from over 390 years of international economic, financial and legal experience in dozens of countries. (Austria, Canada, Argentina, Ecuador, Cayman, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Gibraltar, London, Hong Kong to name a few). Smell freshness in thousands of acres of unspoiled woods. Hear peace and quiet of the Blue Ridge. Feel cool autumnal, mountain air. View the spectacular autumn leaves vibrating, golden, red and orange in the mistiness of morn. Taste a bitter cup of hot, health coffee or herbal tea and our morning meal, warm from the oven pumpkin bread, farm fresh eggs, steaming local milk and ground-on-the spot ancient cereals prepared in an Andean tradition to help clear the mind for better learning over the day.

Now turn this vision into reality by joining Merri and me at one, two or all three of the our new unique courses that can help boost your affluence:

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Stay With Us At the Farm

Though you can stay at one of the local Ashe county motels (book early as they fill up for the autumnal leaf change), you are welcome to spend the time with us here on the farm with our compliments. We have a variety of lovingly restored turn of last century farm-houses, a guest barn, rustic cabin and four hand painted tipis constructed and painted by the Kiowa Indian, Homer Buffalo. Homer is one of the most famous tipi makers (you have probably seen his tipis in the movies) in the world. The hand made straw beds in these tipis are some of the most comfortable you’ll ever sleep in. By staying with us you’ll have more time to follow the creek and meander through the gentle woods and quiet meadows on your way to the seminar hall. You can also visit local restaurants for plentiful, tasty meals or eat with us.

We’ll conduct special meals and talks as we prepare food fresh from our organic garden and the water at the farm is crystal clear directly from mountain artesian springs on the land. Each night we’ll have a bon fire and hot rejuvenative drinks to stimulate our end of the day study session


There are so many trees, wild flowers, herbs, roots and such I can't begin to describe them all, plus three original buildings, the barn, cottage and farm house which have been turned into guest quarters. We have also contracted with the famous Kiowa Indian Tipi builder, Homer Buffalo, to create six huge Tipis. He makes the tipis for museums and all those for “Walker Texas Ranger”. One being placed at the Grandfathers, a charming area hidden by monster virgin hemlocks, is the first tipis made in North America handmade of buffalo skins since 1954.

We have completed a small seminar hall and have just conducted our first seminars this spring to prepare for our first Inspired Investing course this fall.

Be Our Guest
This course is strictly limited to 26 delegates (the maximum our new seminar will hold) and you may stay at local hotels in the nearest town thirty minutes away. But if you like stay as our guest at the farm. Course attendees are invited as our guest at no charge. Share our simple bounty from the garden and stay in one of the comfortable accommodations we have arranged, our guest barn, farm house or in one of the five Native American tipis (erected by one of America's most famous natives) that sit on our rushing creek.

We have plenty to learn, but time is set aside to relax and enjoy the land as well. You are invited to amble in the brilliant glory of autumn leaves, wade in the creek or just sit beneath one of our giant, virgin trees and relax. Join us round campfires at night and enjoy your group case study sessions in the serene picnic sites we have snuggled throughout the land. Fish a little for our native American Brook trout, ride down to Damascus Virginia on the thirty plus mile Virginia Creeper bicycle path, float a canoe over the New River or hike the Appalachian Trail. These are just a few activities you can enjoy from the farm in your spare time. Come early or stay late at what will be the most unique investment course you have ever enjoyed.

Though the course will be jam packed with information and intensive study, we will have plenty of breaks so you can hike or stroll the farm’s 250 acres of wilderness, meadow and trails. Or you can prop up against one of our virgin maple, birch or oaks and read or climb into a hammock and nap.

I will conduct the first course “Inspired Investing” which is about ways to make, keep and enjoy wealth. Then I will be joined by Taita Yatchak, one of the Andes most famous healers, teachers, and philosophers for Course #2 “Secrets of Financial Health” which is about how to gain and use rejuvenation, more energy and vibrant health to increase your wealth.

Taita Yatchak will teach Course #3 “Wisdom For Abundance” with Candace Welsh, an international lecturer and teacher of aromatherapy. I cannot describe this course in too much detail because Taita Yatchak’s courses change every time they are put on. He will teach what he feels we need at that particular time, perhaps strange in the western world, but incredibly powerful and effective.

What’s Unique?

During these three immersion courses you will gain information that is not available anywhere else, at any price. Over the three days or week you share with us we will live what we are hearing so we can move beyond just mental learning. The courses are a unique blend of old and new, north and south. You’ll learn from sessions on modern portfolio theory and tax law, but also learn ancient wisdom and almost mystic secrets about wealth, health, energy and wisdom. You’ll meet Ma, our pumpkin patch dog. She and John Quy, the Dog Whisperer (the most advanced dog trainer I have ever met) teach one fun-surprise session we’ll conduct in the woods. John’s knowledge goes way beyond

Animals and dogs. His mastery is in understanding and sending subtle communication at life’s deepest levels. Plus you’ll enjoy study sessions at our picnic sites in hidden meadows and deep, virgin woods.

Won’t you join Merri, Taita Yatchak, Candace Welsh and me in these life changes courses an adventure like you have never experienced before? Enjoy the splendor of North Carolina in fall, learn, grow as you learn the secrets of everlasting wealth. Gain knowledge that is not available anywhere else in the world and enjoy autumn’s spectacular leaf change in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


If you plan to attend two or more courses there are many activities you can enjoy during our days off, from the charm of Blowing Rock (the oldest mountain resort in the East), experiencing the scenic wonder of the Appalachian Trail, walking or riding the Virginia Creeper path which runs through 40 miles of woods and begins just down the road from the farm, to the glory of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall. Canoeing or rafting on the world’s second oldest river is nearby, plus some of the most scenic drives in the USA is nearby. Or please just stay at the farm and enjoy the pure, and relaxed pace. Or you might choose to soak in the Cedar Japanese soaking tub we have installed deep i the woods. Its fed by a spring on the land of historic significance called the Indian's Trough. The water is claimed to be therapeutic and locals have been collecting it for generations. We heat it up with a submersible wood burning stove and you can soak in 100 degree-F water while surrounded by nature.


Just one idea you gain at the course could save you thousands or earn you millions, yet Merri and I have decided to keep our courses affordable. The entire course (plus your free stay) is less than you will pay at most hotels in the region this time year. The nearest airports are Charlotte, North Carolina (3 hours) and Tri Cities Tn.-Va. (1.5 hours away). The land consists of deep forest and meadow, with a rushing, trout filled creeks flowing through the property. Deer, rabbits, wild turkey, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, coyotes and abundant bird life roam the property or are nearby, (plus the farm’s heard of cattle). Lansing is 20 minutes with well paved, but curvy mountain roads meandering along the New River watershed with stunning creek and farm views. (Detail driving maps emailed/faxed.)

Course Syllabus

Course #1:

Making Money-Inspired Investing, Fri.-Sat.-Sun. Oct. 13-14-15 $499

  • Doubling Your Wealth in the Imagination Era. Learn how to think differently in an era that brings bigger, profits fas. See why values are becoming more important than value. The seminar provides case studies and workshops.
  • Cashing in on Killer Applications: Learn the evolution of new technology from idea to consumer products on the shelf. Find out how to look for the ideas that will change society and reap tremendous profits in the process. Gain ways to protect against the failures as well.
  • Profits From the Tipping Point: Discover the nature of economic epidemics. Knowing this nature of trends holds the secrets for getting into growth areas again and again.
  • Inspired Investing: Everlasting Wealth takes more than picking good tips and advice. Learn how and why three investors with exactly the same knowledge obtained entirely different results! Discover the secrets of aligning your business and investments by turning your passions into profit.
  • PIEC Investing. PIECs are your Personal Income Earning Corridors. Learn how to use them to increase profits, freedom, satisfaction, safety & fun! Three step PIEC investing doubles, triples, even quadruples returns. In this session I review how a recent study of millionaires confirms that PIECS can double your chances of becoming and remaining a millionaire.
  • Global Economic Review. See the future by reviewing the global economic past. Learn how the last 100 years of economic history affects your investing right now.
  • Present-Portfolio Weighting. Share views derived from global investment managers around the world with my personal analysis. Find out how to position your portfolios today. Decide whether to choose major markets or markets that will emerge. Discover if stocks may be better than bonds. See how interest rates might move and which currencies may be weak and which may be strong and why.
  • Emerging Markets Update. Are the biggest profits to be made in emerging markets of Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe? Learn which markets to choose, why and when. Find out which emerging markets to avoid!
  • International Business Made EZ. Your own global business is the best path to continual affluence. I share 30 years of investing and business experience on every continent to help you understand how to have your own small global business for profits, security and enormous tax benefits.
  • Borrow Low-Deposit High. Learn how this strategy works and why its tactics continue to change and evolve. Gain updates on good potential portfolios such as the Multicurrency Sandwich portfolio that yields 52.76% of potential profit using an existing asset (with 6% yield) worth US$100,000 to borrow as much as US$400,000 of Japanese yen at 1.5% for investment in European and other currency CDs and bonds. See exactly how this Multicurrency works. During this session we'll review the latest possible portfolio for this strategy and learn how to calculate risks and rewards.
  • Guaranteed Investments that Cannot Lose. I have personally used these vehicles for years. The original capital is guaranteed like a bond and guarantees a return of capital, but profits can rise. My first guaranteed plan (in the English stock market index) gained 38%. Learn numerous options available at this time, the benefits and pitfalls of each.
  • Global Asset Allocation Strategies. Correct asset allocation can amount to as much as 69% of a portfolio's success. Learn why and how to use International Strategy assessment to dramatically increase asset growth and safety at the same time.
  • How to Invest your Pensions, Keoghs and IRAS Abroad. One of the world's largest institutions has made it possible to diversify IRAs abroad. The first delegate who used this system, saw her IRA (under Scottish management) rise 14.5% in one month!
  • The Last Loophole. Learn a tax shelter so effective it can wipe out tax forever yet so legal, it may never be changed! How and when to use FIVE INTERNATIONAL STRUCTURES for lawsuit and tax protection- bank accounts, mutual funds, insurance policies, trusts and companies.
  • Circle of 100-How to Raise Money Abroad and Eliminate Tax at the Same Time. Share first hand experiences of raising small and large amounts from individuals for companies you’ve formed.

This course is for businesspeople, professionals, investors, attorneys, stockbrokers, CFPS, CPAS (many states provide 1 hour of continuing education credit per 50 minutes), Doctors, Dentists, anyone who wants to broaden horizons or loves world travel.

Course #2:

Keeping Wealth-Secrets of Financial Health. Tues.-Weds. Oct. 17-18. $399. Gary Scott and Taita Yatchak.

  • Secrets of the Golden Thread. The greatest economic asset is focus. Increase your attention span and use focus and concentration for greater success.
  • Avoid The Thirty Minute Disaster. Many Americans make the largest expenditure in the last thirty minutes of their lives. Learn health secrets to avoid this expense. Expand your energy, vitality and endurance.
  • Gain Seven Economic Attitudes to Become 14 Times More Financially Effective.
  • Five Exercises of Rejuvenation for Greater Satisfaction, Fulfillment and Success.
  • Nutrition for Wealth. Most Western diets not only kill us, but reduce our energy and fog our minds. Learn Andean purification meals for a more effective lifestyle.
  • The Prophesy of the Andes – A path to never ending abundance.
  • Capture Success in Everyday Life – How to increase strength and balance in five minutes a day.
  • Balance the Books Through the Forces of Nature. – How to clear the mind, restore calm and eliminate stress.
  • Connections from the Ancients – The easy way to inner healing, health and intuition for wealth.
  • Expanding Windows of Opportunity – Most investors gain when times are good but lose in times of turmoil and unrest. Learn how to restore your investing equilibrium regardless of events so you can make money in the bad times (which are the best times to gain great opportunity).

Course #3:

Enjoying Wealth-Wisdom for Abundance. Fri.-Sat.-Sun. Oct. 20-22 $499. Taita Yatchak and Candace Welsh.

Learn the ancient wisdom of the Andes & how to integrate the heart and the mind with music and aroma from the renown Incan Yatchak, Taita Yatchak, and the Oil Lady, Candace Welsh.


We’d love to share this beautiful time with you! To enroll in any or all of the above courses, go to our