Conservative Swiss Investment Recommendations

by | Jul 31, 2000 | Archives

Dear International Friend,

Today's information comes from Swiss eclub advisor Andy Kaegi. Andy has been my personal banker since I lived in Hong Kong over thirty years ago and he has helped me make money again and again. I will be sending a full update of my Ecuador trip upon my return. Until then, good investing! Gary

Hi Gary,

BPCS Buelach Private Clients Services is an independent Portfolio Manager and Financial Advisor based in Switzerland. For professional Fund management you do not have to hand your funds over to us as we manage our client's portfolios directly from their existing bank accounts on the basis of a limited power of attorney. The clients stay in full control of their assets and we have no authority to withdraw funds. The clients' investment goals have top priority and a tailor-made investment profile is set together with the client considering his risk ability and tolerance and time horizon, his tax and personal situation and possible restrictions.

The investment policy and decisions then follow a clear top-down approach based on an asset allocation that is different for each profile and also allows individual client's wishes. Within certain strategic parameters the asset allocation is constantly being adjusted to changing market environments and anticipated developments. An international diversification and the findings of Modern Portfolio Theory are corner-stones in BPCS's investment approach and the selection of individual stocks and bonds comes last in this top down process.

Below we publish the asset allocation valid at present for US $ based portfolios together with an excerpt of the constantly changing buy list; BPCS also maintains a watch list. An expected change in the allocation is a reduction of the US currency exposure, but the time is not yet ripe.

New updates and asset allocations for other currencies (which obviously vary widely from the US $ approach) are available directly from BPCS. Interested eClub members should contact me at my email address:

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