Cuddly interfaces, synchronicity and wealth

by | Jun 21, 2000 | Archives

We were high, over 15,000 feet, in a bleak part of the Andean Parmount. Chilled winds whipped and cut to the bone. We shivered under thick wool coats and yet were swayed by the continuous beat of the drums. Several years ago Merri and I took a group of our friends to Ecuador to experience its mystical mysteries. while there we went to a dream awakening ceremony in a desolate, isolated part of the mountains.

We sat high atop a flat plateau, in an ancient, crumbling Incan fort, a holy place accoring to the Shamans and Yatchaks and were surrounded by pounding, throbbing drums. Each of us fell into deep mediatation, slipped into a trance and had dreams.

The meaning of our dreams? That was for each of us to decide, part of the mystery, but one friend, a highly successful, hard working surgeon (who is also an attorney and Ph.d. in economics), a former war hero-jet pilot was especialy struck. A Jaguar had visited him in his dreams-so clearly-so real that he was stunned. “What does this mean”, he asked? Another friend, also a higly successful M.D., more experienced in these things, told him. “If you see another image of a Jaguar within the next week this will be confirmation that the Jaguar is your guide.”

Later that day we travelled off the mountian into the jungle to visit Redhead healers who lived in the jungle (they dye thier hair a bright red). Our mud covered bus wound slowly along a narrow, vine covered trail deep into a humid, primeval forest. We turned a bend and the Redhead's bamboo village lay ahead. At the gates stood two huge, black stone Jaguars! Our friend had just learned about synchronicty.

I talked to this Dr. recently when he attended a course I was conducting in the Bahamas and he confirmed how after that trip he has been helped by the image of the Jaguar many times, usually when there is some imponderable, some decision that had to be made without facts. The Jaguar popped up in some way that gave an indication or a clue about what to do.

That's synchronicity. I have learned to pay particular attention when I am given an idea that makes sense and then suddenly see that idea confirmed in some unusual way. This is synchronicity and it tells me, “Hey pay attention here!”

After I wrote to you yesterday I was wondering where I could look for opportunities involved in using TV or the phone to interface society into the cyber world. Interface we saw yesterday is the next great frontier. We have so much computing power. The entire world of knowledge is available at our finger tips. Yet how do we ask for it and how do we get the data in an easy to use way? This is the challange of interface.

So last night as I crawled into bed exhausted from the 26 hour trip home from Copenhagen, I was still mulling this question in my mind. “Where can I find businesses on the leading edge of this technology now?

To quiet my mind I decided to breeze through USA Today.

Synchronicty hit. On page 3D of the June 14 issue of USA Today ( is an article entitled, “Let Your Voice Do the Surfing-Telephone Portals Talk You Through the Information Age.”

The article describes six sites:

These sites are the beginnings of the cuddly telephone interface that Ian Pierson talked about at Jyske Bank's Copenhagen course. Instead of using a computer to get on the net you enter using only your voice and a regular phone. These sites use speaker-independent speech recognition technology so no special training is involved. They are portals that make the net interface easy because everyone has a phone and knows how to use it.

You can get news, sports, stock quotes, flight info, restaurant guides, games, For example if you want a stock quote for Microsoft you might say “news”, into the phone. A voice will ask you what type news and you might say “financial”. Then the voice will ask for more specifics and you might say “stock quotes”. When asked about a specific company you just say “Microsoft”.

Such sites are new but this could be the beginning. The synchronicity of between my writing you and reading this article tells me to keep a careful watch on these sites. There may be some interesting opportunities here and you may want to check them out as well.

Until next message, good investing,

Gary A Scott