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The goal of this website is to help you make, keep and enjoy more wealth.

Here, you can share the experiences & contacts from 32 year's of Gary A. Scott's international business, research and investing.

Gary A. ScottGary A. Scott has created this website to help his friends from round the world to make, keep and enjoy wealth. The purpose of this website is to provide easy to use international financial information and experience. You can find this information in Gary's World Reports and special reports such as Gary's publication International Business Made EZ which is a good starting point for starting and running your own international business and by joining the International E-Club.

Immediacy of information

The world is changing at the speed of light! This is the day of world citizens. Learn how to take advantage of the fast paced global economic change.

This website brings together Gary's ideas and thoughts on investing, international business – and life – presents Gary's publications in a new medium and puts Gary's readers and members of the International E-Club in touch with a unique global network of experts in various business and professional fields.

If you have any comments or specific questions about the website itself (content, functionality, etc.,), please email our webmaster@garyascott.com

Note: our webmaster is British. This explains why sometimes you will find British-English and sometimes American-English spelling at this website. Ah, well, two countries separated by a common language must spill onto the Internet, too!