Nigel Stephens, Counsel

by | Apr 14, 2000 | Archives

“I have used many portfolio managers over the years, dozens, but have gradually gravitated to Nigel Stephens because of the defensive nature of their thinking at all times. Having learned the hard way that wealth is more easily lost than made, I am ultra conservative in my investments and the only manager I known that gives me enough confidence to discretionarily manage my money is this firm.”

Nigel Stephens offers a portfolio management service and also manages the FHI pooled account at Anglo-Irish Bank in Vienna Austria. For details contact Ian Dalrymple, Nigel Stephens Counsel Inc., 1200 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 402, Willowdale, Ontario, M2K 2S5, Canada. Tel: 800-383-3981, 416-502-9393. Fax: 1-416-502-9394. E-Mail: