The Millionaire Mind

by | Feb 12, 2000 | Archives

 A funny thing happened on the way to researching how people became wealthy: The authors discovered that most of the wealthiest households were not located in the most upscale neighborhoods. This discovery led to additional studies, and finally to this book. These wealthy people don’t dine out much, are likely to drive four-year-old Buicks, and own very few Armani suits. Conversely many households in the posh areas have little real wealth.

The Millionaire Next DoorSynopsis
The Motley Fool, Jerry Thomas
Suppose you had a chance to interview hundreds of people who had succeeded in building wealth on a scale that placed them among the richest people in America. What if you could get inside their heads, and find out what they think, how they behave, and what they feel about money? Imagine how your chances for success would improve if you could adopt the attitudes and mindsets of those who have proven their ability to achieve the kind of financial security that escapes nearly all of us.