Robin MacAllen

by | May 29, 1999 | Archives

Robin MacAllen is a global consultant who lives in Florida and travels between Europe, USA, the Far East and Australasia. Robin protects banks and big investors from scams.

Born in the U.S., the son of a Scottish fisherman, Robin was raised by his Father after his mother died in a tragic accident shortly after his birth. His passion for destroying perpetrators of scams began when at the age of 21 his father was killed trying to recover his life savings after being duped by two con artists. Robin moved to the Philippines and began a contracting business where he help banks increase their internal security against staff fraud. Then in the early 70s his career was truly launched when he was instrumental in tracking down a cashier who had absconded with $2 million from the Hong Kong branch of America’s largest bank.

Later he moved to London where his business became truly international. He now advises many security firms as well as banks and private investors and is often the keynote speaker at many international conferences including Global Banking Symposium, Robin has worked with Gary for over 25 years and we are very fortunate to have a scam-busting expert of Robin’s calibre on our board of EClub advisors.